Adobe illustrator is turning 30 this month and they have been celebrating by reminding us what it was like before illustrator. Have a look at this video for the full throw back:

In this spirit we have been doing our own research into old school design tools and found this great website:

Do you recognise any of these vintage tools?

One 36″ wood t-square; one 12″ 45/90 triangle; one 30/60 triangle; one student architecture scale;  two 2-mm lead holders; one Alvin rotary lead pointer; one 3/pak 2-mm 2H lead;  one 3/pak 2-mm F lead; one 3/pak 2-mm 2B lead; one ruler SS 24″; one white vinyl eraser 2/ct; one drafting brush; one Sobo glue 8 oz.; one Masterbow compass; one 18″ x 24″ black/green cutting mat; one sketch trace roll 12″ x 50 yards yellow; drafting tape; five sheets of 1-ply chipboard 32″ x 40″; one stainless steel square 3″ x 4″; one 2/pak General’s 2B draughting pencil; one erasing shield; one Fantasia 6-pencil sketch set; one Dahle 2-hole pencil sharpener; one HD cutter with grip L-2; one 6/pk Olfa blades LB6B;  one X-Acto #1 knife with safety cap; one 15/pk X-Acto #11 blades.