5 Ways Signage Can Maximise Your Reach

Standing out is crucial for any business — and your signage can help you do this more than you might first think. Whether you’re a cosy café or a trendy boutique, your signage is your silent salesperson, working tirelessly to grab attention and draw in customers. If you’ve been relying on a single shop sign above your door, it’s time to up your game and utilise eye-catching print to reach those all-important customers.

Need a bit of inspiration? Here are five clever ways to use business signage to broaden your reach and leave a lasting impression.


1. Make a bold first impression with eye-catching shop signs

We mentioned that one lonely shop sign won’t cut the mustard when it comes to expanding your reach — but it’s certainly a vital factor. After all, your shop sign is often the first thing a potential customer will see. And in the world of retail, first impressions count. Vibrant colours, unique designs, and clear, easy-to-read fonts can make all the difference.

Think of your shop sign as the face of your business — it should reflect your branding, showcasing your personality and ethos. Whether it’s sleek and modern or quirky and vintage, ensure it’s something that will turn heads and pique interest. When you work with our team of designers at Nettl of Glasgow, you’ll be able to inject your company’s personality into every aspect of your custom signs.


2. Harness the power of external signs for 24/7 visibility

Are your current signs working around the clock for you? When used properly, external signs can be your brand ambassadors, day and night. Illuminated signs, for instance, can be a game-changer, keeping your business visible and inviting even after the sun sets.

Durable, weather-resistant materials ensure your sign stays pristine in Glasgow’s ever-changing seasons. Our aluminium signs are rust-proof and long-lasting — choose from classic shapes or personalise your signage with custom designs.


3. Leverage directional signage for easy navigation

In a city as dynamic as Glasgow, helping people find their way to your doorstep can significantly boost your foot traffic. Directional signage that’s both functional and branded adds to the customer experience, making their journey to you part of the fun. Think creatively — use arrows, footprints, or even thematic elements that reflect your business’s character.

Freestanding A-boards are ideal for dotting around the local area, creating a pathway to your business.


4. Utilise window graphics for storytelling

Your windows are a blank canvas awaiting your story. Window graphics are a fantastic way to utilise this space for promotional purposes or to simply add an artistic touch to your shopfront. They’re particularly effective for seasonal promotions or to showcase new products. Remember, a window display can be a conversation starter — a visual invitation for passersby to step inside and explore more.

Delicate decals or expansive panels, we can help you out with all your window vinyl needs.


5. Think outside the box with unconventional signage

In a city teeming with creativity, why not stand out with unconventional signage? Think beyond the traditional: wall murals, pavement signs, and even digital displays can be powerful tools in your signage arsenal. They offer a fresh, interactive way to engage with your audience and can be tailored to fit any space and style.

Have you seen our lamp post and bollard sleeves? Not only can these signs brighten up the pavement, but they’re also a slimline option — perfect for when space is at a premium. If you’ve got an event coming up, these can be a great form of marketing. However, made from durable corrugated plastic, they can also be a year-round option.

Floor vinyl stickers are also a fun addition to your signage. Create stepping stones throughout your venue or opt for super-durable outdoor vinyl, ideal for high footfall in all weathers.


Bringing it all together with Nettl of Glasgow

As well as simply stating your business name, your signage can be a strategic tool, designed to attract passers-by and showcase your branding. By combining eye-catching design with thought-out placement and a dash of creativity, you can ensure that your business not only stands out but also resonates with your target audience.

And remember, when it comes to crafting the perfect sign for your business, expertise matters. Nettl of Glasgow is your go-to expert for sign-making services in Glasgow. Our team of sign writers and makers are local to Glasgow, and we understand the unique landscape of the city. We’re here to provide tailored advice and high-quality solutions for your signage needs.

Ready to maximise your reach with standout signage? Order your signage online or contact the team at Nettl of Glasgow to create some personalised designs. Let’s make your business the talk of the town.

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