Why SEO is really worth your money

When was the last time you searched online, to find a product, service or location you were interested in?

Probably recently, and it’s also highly likely that you’re one of 2.14 billion people worldwide who will be buying goods and services online by 2021.

People rely on online searches

Here’s another mind-blowing statistic; 94% of all website traffic is now ‘organic’, meaning website visitors arrive via searches and ‘clicks’.

People use search engines as a natural part of their online activities – most importantly Google. It informs their purchasing decisions and identifies organisations they want to engage with.

Can you sit back and wait for this to happen naturally, or is it worth investing in SEO with a Glasgow based web designer?

Gaining a competitive edge

Here’s another important statistic to help you to appreciate the value of SEO.

There are well over one billion websites – and some of those are your direct or indirect competitors who are vying for the customer attention you need.

How does your company get its products and services in front of people? The answer is by investing in SEO to get its website to the top of page rankings when people do searches!

Keeping up with Google algorithms

SEO is not something that you can do once. Even the best web design agency that Glasgow companies use to build optimised sites hasn’t got an instant solution.

This is largely because the internet is a fluid and ever-changing entity, and Google is constantly issuing both major and minor changes to the algorithms it uses to value, sort and rank websites.

If you stand still with your website design, you will quickly get left behind.

Alternatively, investing in constantly updating SEO techniques and fresh content can achieve a consistently high place when people search for your product or service.

Getting you in front of smartphone users

We can’t resist one more interesting fact. Back in 2017, over 50% of all web traffic was on mobile phones and that figure will be much bigger by 2020.

Which is why companies need responsive web design, whether Glasgow based or beyond. This provides you with the confidence that your website works just as well on smartphone screens, as it does on computers and laptops.

It also means that Google will rank your website higher. Poor to load, hard to navigate and badly optimised websites get penalised.

Is SEO worth the money?

The question should probably be, can you afford to not be at the top when your customers search on your keywords and phrases? Are you happy to be on page two (or worse) of search results, where customers rarely venture?

If you need to achieve profitable growth, then every penny spent on effective SEO is wise.

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