You’ll Never Get a Second Chance

What’s interesting is that a number of the elements needed to make a good impression in real life, translate to web too. For instance;

  1. Turning up on time = Page load speeds
  2. Introducing yourself = Clear branding
  3. Speaking clearly = Content that is easy to read
  4. Looking smart = Professional design


Here are 10 things you can do to make a better impression:

1. Fast load speeds

Slow-loading websites annoy real people and SEO bots alike. Keep it under 3 seconds bro. We can show you how.

2. Clear branding

Just like in real life, it’s reassuring to know where you are and who you’re dealing with.

3. Be visual

Plenty of images and video help make the page more attractive, enticing and engaging.

4. Include images of people

People respond well to pictures of other happy people, don’t overdo the stock library stereotype though.

5. Prominent contact details

Often the number 1 reason people visit websites, but also a reassuring accountability factor. Who ya gonna call?

6. Professional design

Look the part and reap the rewards. “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

7. Smart colour and font choices

Apart from in very exceptional circumstances, wacky colours and a bunch of fancy fonts are not the way to win

8. Appropriate tone of voice

Instantly connect to your audience by using language and storytelling that is relevant and appealing.

9. Content that is easy to read

People read differently online. Use simple language. Write in short sentences. Read more about writing for the web.

10. Use https

Get an SSL certificate, and secure your site data. Avoid the ‘Not Secure’ warnings in Google Chrome that can panic visitors.

Read more here.

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